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Reiki Certification Courses

We offer Reiki training and certification Level 1 through Master Level. All Reiki courses are held at our Private Healing Ashram at 1670 North Reiman Road Genoa, OH. Detailed information about Reiki can be found under its listing in services on this website.

Upon completion of the Level 1 class, students will receive their certification in Reiki and will be able to function as Certified Reiki Practitioners. This course will give students all of the background, knowledge, tools and experience necessary to become certified Reiki Practitioners. After completing this course, participants will be certified Reiki Practitioners and will be eligible to attend future Reiki 2 and Master's Level Reiki Courses at Prajna Consciousness.

Upon completion of Level 2, practitioners will be able to provide their clients with additional Metaphysical Counseling based on an understanding of Usui Reiki 1, Energetic Principles of Quantum Healing, Epigenetics, Chakra Science, and Yogic Philosophy. This certification takes the Practitioners' Reiki Practice to a new level, as they will be able to empower their clients through adding alignment counseling to the session. This allows the Practitioners to provide their clients with tools to maintain the balanced state of alignment after a healing session through deeper knowledge of the energy centers and how they function. Level 2 Practitioners will obtain the knowledge to assist their clients with focusing on the issues that are causing the imbalance in their energy field.

Master Level Certification prepares Practitioners to become Reiki Teachers and will provide Practitioners with the knowledge and accreditation to enable them to hold their own Reiki Certification classes. In our Master's Level coursework, we will focus on the integrity and alignment of the Master Practitioner and the responsibility and accountability that comes with becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher.


Class will be taught by Sita Radhe Dasa, Ph D.

Sita is a Master Level Reiki Practitioner with a Doctorate in Philosophy specializing in Metaphysical Science and counseling. Additionally, she is a Registered Nurse with 22 years of nursing experience, a 200hr RYT( Registered Yoga Teacher) and an Ordained Minister of 19 years. Sita also holds a Master's degree in Liberal Arts with a focus on social ecology and ecofeminism. She is a student of Jyoitsh and Ayurveda.

The educational background and experience that Sita brings to Reiki training is unique and diversified. Because of this, she offers her students a very broad perspective on Reiki/Energy Healing that is rooted not only in Metaphysical Science but also Applied Science(health care) and Yogic Principles. Join Sita Dasa and begin your journey into the field of Energy Healing with a Practitioner who is devoted to the Dharma.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
-Nikola Tesla