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Once an identifying factor for a block or dysfunctional imprint has been discovered by the client or practitioner, Hypnotherapy may be chosen as an appropriate treatment modality. Typically, Hypnotherapy is employed when a client has an identified issue or block that cannot be released through counseling or Reiki alone.  This most often times occurs when the client holds a pattern or habit out of fear. Even though this pattern has been identified, the client continues to use/allow this dysfunctional imprint in his/her energy field as an ineffective coping mechanism.

In Hypnotherapy, the practitioner guides the client into a meditative state. It is in this state that Prajna, or the higher self, is accessed. We believe that reacquainting the client (even briefly) with  Prajna allows for fear to be released and new healthy energy patterns to be introduced or restored. Traditional techniques are still used such as cues, positive reinforcement and guided imagery.

Regardless of what is recalled in the waking state, the true transformation takes place through accessing the sub consciousness mind. The sub conscious mind serves as a bridge between the third dimensional  mind (where we hold dysfunctional patterns) and Prajna (inner healer or guru). Until the client learns to align himself/herself completely with  Prajna Consciousness, the sub conscious mind and the cues given through hypnotherapy will serve as the bridge to the knowledge and self awareness that allows him/her to move beyond dysfunctional habits, fear and patterns.

We also offer Hypnotherapy for pre-incarnation memory recovery and past life recall. Please call us to discuss any questions you may have regarding these services.

This service is offerd at our Private Healing Ashram(not at our Yoga Studio) . Our Ashram is located at 1670 North Reiman Road Genoa,OH 43430.

Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you.
-Ali ibn abi Talib